Who is responsible for what?

The Federal Office of Communications

  • What OFCOM can do
    OFCOM has the possibility of taking legal supervisory measures against a telecommunications service provider when provisions of the law on telecommunications have not been complied with.
    Such a procedure is in no way related to the fact of disputing a preselection contract with your operator, or a bill from them, but where applicable it does make it possible to put an end to unlawful practices.

  • What OFCOM cannot do
    OFCOM has no means of intervening in cases which concern relations between telecommunications service providers and their customers, whether in relation to the informal cancellation of a preselection contract within the 14-day cooling-off period or a related appeal, a dispute over a bill or the early cancellation of a subscription. All these cases fall under civil law and are therefore within the scope of the civil or criminal courts.

Telecommunication services providers

A telecommunications service provider requesting activation of preselection on your connection must be able, in the event of a dispute, to supply, within 10 days, proof that you have in fact requested this activation. If it does not provide this proof within this period, it is obliged to take all necessary steps to re-instate the original preselection status of your connection.

Dispute resolution service ombudscom

Its task is to resolve, simply and quickly, disputes concerning telecommunications services.

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