Recommendations for avoiding high roaming bills

  • For mobile telephones with a Swiss SIM card, set to airplane mode. Make calls via WLAN using applications such as Threema, Telegram, Whatsapp or Skype.
  • Before heading abroad, download offline maps of your destination when in Switzerland or when abroad using a WLAN connection. When abroad, use the downloaded maps with GPS in flight mode.
  • Use alternatives (e.g. prepaid SIM cards from a local provider).
  • Take advantage of providers' optional offers, so-called roaming packages (obtain information from the provider, preferably before travelling).
  • Use bundled products, such as In One or Go World, with inclusive units.
  • Make telephone calls via WLAN

Charges for voicemail

When listening to voicemail (e.g. Swisscom Mobile’s Combox, Salt Box or Sunrise Mailbox) from a location abroad, roaming charges could be incurred. If you do not switch off the diversion of calls to your voicemail before setting off on your trip, there is a danger that, in the event of calls going to your voicemail, you will also be charged for diverting the call abroad. All Swiss mobile telephony providers can provide information on the options for configuring your voicemail or on charges.

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Last modification 12.07.2018

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