Registration as a TSP

The registration establishes on the one hand the nature, manner and purpose of the service provision and on the other the services and interfaces to be provided by the provider.

Registration for the provision of telecommunication services

New providers of telecommunication services can register online:

registration form is also available in PDF format.

It is split into four sections:

  • Section 1 - records general information about the provider;
  • Section 2 - determines  the obligation to register;
  • Section 3 - ascertains the type of telecommunications services provided;
  • Section 4 - describes the interfaces, the services and the infrastructure.
  • Section 5 - Attachments

Guide to the registration form for the provision of telecommunication services

The guide explains the term telecommunications service provider, the obligation to register and the questions in the registration form. It is split into two parts:

  • Part 1 - Introduction
  • Part 2 - Explanation concerning the registration form

Obligations according to SPTA

The Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (SPTA; CC 780.1) contains obligations to cooperate, which may be relevant for telecommunications service providers according to the TCA. The website of the Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service (PTSS) provides the necessary information on these obligations and the possibility of applying for a reduction in the extent of the obligations (so-called downgrade).

It should be noted that, according to the SPTA, obligations to cooperate may arise for providers of services that are based on telecommunications services and that enable one-way or multi-way communication, as well as for other persons, even if these providers or persons do not perform any notifiable activity under the TCA.

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