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Swiss Internet Governance Forum

Swiss Internet Governance Forum

The latest Swiss IGF took place on Thursday 2 June 2022 as a hybrid event, virtually and in person at Welle 7 in Bern. Participation was free of charge and open to all interested parties. Over 250 people joined in the discussions, whether on site or online. 

Swiss radio listeners going digital

Swiss radio listeners going digital as FM loses ground

Three quarters of the Swiss population now tune in to the radio digitally. While DAB+ and internet radio use is increasing, FM is steadily losing listeners and will be switched off at the end of 2024.

eGovernment portal DETEC


eGovernment portal DETEC

Interested members of the public and businesses can now access a range of OFCOM services via DETEC's new eGovernment portal. From 28 February, services such as ordering individual numbers, short numbers and number blocks can be accessed at The existing virtual frontdesk OFCOM Online will be gradually replaced up to the end of 2024.

The Federal Office of Communications


The Federal Office of Communications

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) is active in the media, telecommunications & postal services and information society sectors in Switzerland. The Office ensures a stable and progressive communications infrastructure and lays the foundations for a strong Swiss media center.

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Please do not disturb

OFCOM’s video will show you the points you should keep in mind when purchasing wireless devices (e.g. drones, radio equipment).



Using your mobile phone abroad for calls, to send and receive SMS/MMS or to access the internet could cost you dearly.

Drohnen und Flugmodelle

Drones and model aircraft

Drones are remote-controlled aircraft. Legally, they are equivalent to model aircraft and are considered radio equipment.

Internationale Aktivitäten

International activities

Due to the globalization in telecommunications and electronic media, OFCOM is also pursuing major activities abroad.


Frequency use

In order to prevent interference, the use of the frequency spectrum, with or without licences, is being regulated.


Radiocommunication exams

Necessary information regarding maritime radiocommunication examinations and beacons can be found on this page.

Newsletter und Social-Media

Newsletter and social media

Keep up to date with the latest news concerning OFCOM and its areas of activity through its newsletter and social media. 

Standorte von Sendeanlagen

Location of radio transmitters

This map shows the sites of all transmitters being operated to ensure broadcast services and telecommunications services.


FAQ on 5G

A new federal website provides answers to frequent questions about mobile communications and 5G.

Press Releases


Java script is required to display press releases. If you are unable or unwilling to activate Java script you may use the link below to access the Federal Administration News Portal, where you can read the announcements.

To the Federal Administration News Portal


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