Location of radio transmitters

In order to ensure that Switzerland is provided with broadcast services (radio and television programmes) and telecommunications services (mobile communications), radio transmitters must be operated. The transmitter sites are shown on an overview map.

What kind of broadcasts can I actually receive at home and on which frequencies can I find the programmes I am looking for? All these questions can be answered by our overview of transmitter locations in Switzerland. This interactive application is simple to use: follow the instructions and on the map select the area of interest to you, then zoom in until you see the yellow dots which represent the broadcasting transmitter installations.

The following overview will give you information on where the various radio transmitters are located.

For each broadcasting station the broadcast channels and corresponding frequencies are indicated. More detailed information on an individual installation can be obtained from the authorities competent for protection of the environment (canton or municipality).

On the map you will find the locations of the broadcasting stations (radio and television) and the base stations for mobile communications. These are represented as different coloured points.

It is possible to download a list of broadcasters of VHF programmes transmitted in Switzerland.

For audiences beyond Switzerland's borders, SRG SSR provides a multilingual news and information service on the internet entitled swissinfo.

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