"Digital Switzerland" Strategy

Our lives are increasingly being determined by digitisation. Switzerland is in a very good position in terms of telecommunications infrastructure and the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

The Swiss population can therefore benefit from increasing digitisation in all walks of life to maintain but also increase prosperity. The transformation process caused by increasing digitisation affects society, the economy and the state. In this context the "Digital Switzerland" Strategy provides the guidelines for government action and indicates where and how authorities, academia, the private sector, civil society and politics must work together in order to shape the transformation process for the benefit of everyone in Switzerland.


At the heart of the strategy is the consistent exploitation of the opportunities of digitisation so that Switzerland can position itself as an attractive place to live and as an innovative, future-oriented location for business and research. This strategy supersedes the Federal Council’s Strategy for an Information Society in Switzerland of 9 March 2012.


The Action Plan is an integral part of the Digital Switzerland Strategy. It comprises the measures which the Federal Administration shall use to make a tangible contribution to achieving the Strategy goals.

Coordination Group

The Interdepartmental Digital Switzerland Coordination Group shall coordinate the implementation work and networking of Federal Administration stakeholders, with increased interdisciplinary cooperation within the Federal Administration.

Dialogue on "Digital Switzerland"

In July 2017, the OFCOM launched the digitaldialog.swiss website in order to encourage a joint commitment to "Digital Switzerland". The online platform is intended to be a public forum where experiences and good practices about the challenges of the digital era can be discussed.

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