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Our lives are increasingly being determined by digitisation. With its stable political system and its proven high innovative capability, Switzerland has a good starting point to continue to apply the successful model of a liveable, open and modern Switzerland in the digital future. Digital transformation therefore enables the sustainable development of the country.

In this context the "Digital Switzerland" Strategy provides the guidelines for government action and indicates where and how authorities, academia, the private sector, civil society and politics must work together in order to shape the transformation process for the benefit of everyone in Switzerland.

With the reorganisation of digitalisation and ICT management in the federal administration and the appointment of Daniel Markwalder as the Federal Council's delegate for digital transformation and ICT management, the Business Office Digital Switzerland and its tasks in connection with the “Digital Switzerland” strategy will be transferred to the FC from 1 January 2021.  


The Federal Council wants Switzerland to exploit the opportunities of digitalisation to the full. On 11 September 2020 it therefore adopted its "Digital Switzerland" strategy for the next 2 years. The aspects of data and the environment are to be given greater emphasis in the digital policy of the Confederation in future.

Action Plan

The federal administration's implementation activities in relation to the strategy will be published in an action plan. This action plan will be updated annually and concretises the strategy's orientation. 

The Action Plan is currently only available in French, German and Italian.


In order to develop the "Digital Switzerland" Strategy it is necessary to pool creative and innovative forces in Switzerland. Above all, it is necessary to network all stakeholders and guarantee cooperation between all federal levels of the administration and the private sector, civil society and academia.


The blog presents current questions on digitisation, current challenges or simply topics that are at the interface between digitisation and society.

The Blog is only available in French, German and Italian.


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