Amount and billing


  • The yearly fee for private households is CHF 335.


  • Serafe collects the fee from private households.
  • The bill shows the names of all adults living in the private household. They are jointly liable for the billed amount.
  • Every private household was randomly allocated to one of 12 billing groups. If the private household is in the first group, it receives an annual invoice for CHF 335 in January. If it belongs to the second group, it receives the annual bill in February, and so on through the year. 
  • If a mistake is found in the address information on the bill, this error should be reported directly to the competent authority of the municipality or canton or to Serafe.
  • Bills can be paid as an annual or quarterly bill, in paper form, as an e-bill or by direct debit. A paper quarterly bill costs an additional CHF 2 because of the higher administrative costs.
    The radio and television fee in brief (PDF, 150 kB, 04.08.2022)
    Стисло про тарифи на радіо та телебачення (PDF, 310 kB, 04.08.2022)
  • The bill will be issued in the first month of the billing period; the annual bill is due within 60 days and the partial and quarterly bills are due within 30 days. The statutory period of limitation is five years.

Joint and several liability of household members

  • All adult members of the household are jointly and severally liable for the radio and television fee.
  • Each bill lists all adult members of a household at the time the bill was issued.
  • Serafe can demand the full amount from each of the individuals listed on the bill – though only once in total.
  • The way the bill is split up internally is a matter for the adult members of the household and is subject to civil law.
  • In the address block of the bill for the fee, the adults are listed individually, up to a household size of three adult members.
  • In the case of households consisting of more than three adult members, the personal designation of one adult person in the address block is supplemented by the wording "other persons liable for the fee".

Collection agency

SERAFE AG (Serafe) is the Swiss collection agency for the universal radio and television fee and is a subsidiary of Secon AG, based in Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz. SERAFE AG has been collecting the new household fee since 1 January 2019 on behalf of the Confederation. After a public tender procedure, on 10 March 2017 the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) awarded SERAFE AG the mandate for the period up to 31 December 2025.

Contact information for Serafe:
Serafe AG
8010 Zürich
Tel. 058 201 31 67
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Acquisition of data

  • The data for private households is sent to Serafe by the cantons and the municipalities.
  • Serafe receives the data which originates from the residents' registers and which is needed for collection of the households' fee directly from each resident's registration authority, via the Confederation's secure data exchange platform (Sedex).
  • As far as foreign diplomatic personnel are concerned, Serafe receives the data directly from the Ordipro information system of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).
  • Legal basis: Art. 69g of the Federal Radio and Television Act (RTVA; CC 784.40), Art. 67 and 67a of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO; CC 784.401).



Payment methods


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