Media Monitor Switzerland

Medienmonitor Schweiz (Media Monitor Switzerland) examines the role played by the media in relation to opinion-forming in Switzerland and documents the balances of power and business ties in the media market. 

To this end, data from different sources are combined:

  1. a representative survey of the importance of different media for individual opinion-forming;
  2. Secondary analysis of the usage data from recognised Swiss audience studies (reach);
  3. Analyses of sector studies and annual reports from Swiss media companies as well as ongoing market monitoring to document the economic weight, ownership and shareholder relationships in the Swiss media market.

The results are available on the website where individual filtering is possible, or in the study which is available to download below where they are interpreted and presented in the broader context of the development of the Swiss media landscape.

Survey year 2019

Survey year 2018

Survey year 2017

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