80% of radio use in Switzerland is digital

Radio is largely consumed at home (63% of usage) and most frequently via digital reception channels - 80% of all radio usage is digital. In terms of share, FM is still most frequently used in the car (33%), but here too digital use predominates. This was announced by the Digital Migration working group (DigiMig WG) at ARARO (Atelier Radiophonique Romand) on 9 February 2024.

Continuous growth in usage via digital reception channels

Digital radio use has grown steadily since 2015: radio use via IP has increased from 26% in 2015 to 39% in 2023, while use via DAB+ has almost doubled in this period (2015: 23%, 2023: 41%). In German-speaking Switzerland, DAB+ is the most frequently used reception channel at 43%, while IP is ahead in French-speaking Switzerland at 41%.

Only a small proportion use FM exclusively

Half of radio listeners, or 45% of the population, only use digital reception channels, compared to 10% of the population who only listen to radio via FM. Around 31% use both. The proportion of people who do not use radio at all is 12%.

This means that digital radio use has stabilised at a high level. As new cars are equipped with DAB+ as standard, in-car use will also become increasingly digital.

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Last modification 09.02.2024

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