DAB+ is now the most widely used radio reception method

The trend towards digital radio is continuing: out of every 100 radio minutes listened to, 68 minutes are already transmitted using digital methods and FM accounts for only 32 minutes. DAB+ is the most frequently used radio reception method, with 37 minutes.  

hree out of four Swiss citizens already use digital radio and only just under one in six now uses FM exclusively. These are the most important results of the data collected every six months by the GfK research institute on behalf of OFCOM and the Digital Migration Working Group (DigiMig WG).

According to these figures, digital radio use has thus increased by 19 percentage points in four years: from 49% in autumn 2015 to 68% in autumn 2019. At the same time, FM use has fallen by 16 percentage points; from 51% to 35%. At the same time, FM usage fell by 19 percentage points, from 51 percent to 32%. For the first time DAB+, at 37%, is the most used broadcasting method and has gained 14 percentage points since autumn 2015. Whereas four years ago 24% of the population stated that they listened exclusively to FM radio, this proportion has since reduced by 9 percentage points and currently stands at 15%.

4.825 million DAB+ radios sold

In 2019, nearly 300'000 DAB+ radios were sold, plus around 337'000 new or retrofitted cars equipped with DAB+ radio. According to GfK's half-yearly surveys, which cover almost all electronics dealers and car dealers, this means that since 2000 a total of 4.825 million DAB+ devices have been sold to date.

The radio industry is planning to gradually phase out analogue FM radio broadcasting by the end of 2024 at the latest and to use DAB+ as the main transmission technology instead. In order to support this switchover, OFCOM launched an information campaign in 2017, since mid-2017, a range of information campaigns have been running in the print media and on radio, television and billboards. More information about DAB+ can be found on the DABPlus website.

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Last modification 04.03.2020

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