FM broadcasting will be switched off by the end of 2024 at the latest

Radio stations in Switzerland will only be available via FM until the end of 2024. Bernard Maissen, OFCOM Vice-Director, explains this on SwissRadioDay in Zurich. He bases his decision on the existing agreement of the radio industry and the legal basis.

In December 2014, the Digital Migration Working Group (AG DigiMig) announced that radio broadcasters intended to phase out FM broadcasting by 2024 at the latest. SRG and more than 80 percent of private radio stations agreed to this decision in 2015. In October 2017, the Federal Council adopted the radio industry's target and provided the legal framework for FM switch-off. Bernard Maissen announced on SwissRadioDay that the FM radio licences expiring in December 2019 would be extended until 2024, with the possibility of shortening the duration if the radio industry so wishes. At the same time, OFCOM intends to examine whether individual FM transmitters in peripheral areas with insufficient DAB+ coverage could continue to be operated for a limited period after 2024. 

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Last modification 07.02.2020

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