Radio industry to switch off FM transmitters at the end of 2024 as originally planned

Swiss radio broadcasters have decided to switch off FM transmitters on 31 December 2024. By reverting to the original switch off date, listeners have more time to upgrade their radios.

As digital radio use has grown very positively in recent years, the radio industry wanted to bring forward the switch to DAB+ to as early as August 2022 (SRG) or January 2023 (commercial radio stations). However, on 26 August, the industry announced that no mutually agreed solution had been found to implement the switch-off. As a nationwide solution is needed, broadcasters have had to revert to their original timetable. Listeners, especially drivers, now have a further one and a half to two years to upgrade their radios to DAB+.

Three-quarters of listeners have gone digital

Overall, around three quarters of radio listeners have gone digital, mostly via DAB+, but also via the internet or TV networks. Only 14 per cent still listen exclusively on FM. And in cars, too, the majority (almost 60 per cent) already listen to digital radio.

FM radio  licences expire in December 2024

FM radio licences for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG and private radio broadcasters will expire on 31 December 2024. They were extended on a one-off basis for five years at the end of 2019 to ensure an orderly transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Switch off to be accompanied by OFCOM campaign

To prepare the public, retailers and the car industry for the FM switch-off, OFCOM has been conducting an information campaign for the last several years across all forms of media. Listeners can also contact a team of experts with any questions about the switchover to DAB+. Further information can be found on the DABPlus website.

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Last modification 04.02.2022

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