In general

General information on several topics.

Electromagnetic compatibility

OFCOM is the technical competence centre of the Swiss Confederation for the electromagnetic compatibility of telecommunications systems and electrical apparatus.

Surveillance & Monitoring

As part of its surveillance of the telecommunications equipment market, OFCOM verifies that equipment which is marketed conforms to the requirements stipulated in law.

Market access of radiocommunications equipment

To be offered or placed on the market, radiocommunications equipment has to fulfill all applicable legal requirements. The whole of these requirements forms the conditions for placing on the market.

Information notes

- The effect of changes for telecommunications equipment
- Purchase of radio equipment abroad for one's own use
- Purchase of radio equipment abroad by resellers

Market access of electrical apparatus

To be offered or placed on the market, electrical apparatus has to fulfill among others the requirements in the field of electromagnetic compatbility. The information published by OFCOM is limited to the requirements related to the legislation on electromagnetic compatibility. They do not give any information on requirements rising from other legislations (for example electrical safety, environmental protection, ...).

Particular equipment

Specific information and particular topics in relation with offering, placing on the market and using telecommunications equipment.

Non-compliant equipment

Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of the telecommunications equipment and electrical apparatus which have been the subject of an OFCOM conformity check and which have resulted in a failure to comply with the applicable requirements, in particular the technical requirements.