FAQ for Powerline Communications (PLC)

PLC Networks (Powerline Communication)

PLC technology enables the telecommunication transmission of information via the electricity network.

All operators of telecommunications networks using PLC technology in power networks (public or private), including domestic installations, must notify OFCOM of their installations. This applies in particular to networks for the provision of telecommunications services, for the monitoring and management of electrical equipment (smart metering / smart grid) and for the transmission of information within a tunnel, a public building or several non-adjoining buildings.

Exempt from this notification requirement are:

- private domestic networks with PLC adapters which are connected to sockets, e.g. in a flat or in a single-family house;

- networks which operate exclusively in the frequency bands up to a maximum of 148.5 kHz.

At the end of each year, the operators of PLC networks must submit annual statistics to OFCOM on the incidents which have occurred.

Reporting forms:

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