Non-compliant equipment

Telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances which do not comply with the rules in force in Switzerland must not be used or placed on the market. OFCOM publishes a non-exhaustive list of equipment and appliances which are not permitted to be sold or used in Switzerland.

OFCOM inspects telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances which are imported, marketed or used in Switzerland. If it finds that they do not comply with the legal provisions, in particular the technical requirements, it issues a sales ban and adds the device in question to its list of non-compliant equipment.

The equipment and installations on this non-exhaustive list may interfere with radio traffic or the reception of radio or television programmes. Consequently, they may not be used, sold, given away, imported or advertised in any way. Anyone who does not comply with this ban is in breach of the law and risks a fine. Furthermore, anyone using a non-compliant device or installation may, in addition to the fine, also face costs for locating and removing any disturbance that may occur.

It should be noted that the fact that an installation or an equipment is not on this list does not necessarily mean that it is compliant. Information on the purchase of radio equipment abroad for personal use is available on our website.