Starting signal for the award of new mobile radio frequencies

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) is putting out to tender new mobile radio frequencies as well as a frequency block in the 2.6 GHz band which was not sold in 2012. These frequencies are important for the introduction of 5G, the next mobile radio technology, in Switzerland. The new mobile radio frequencies will be awarded within the framework of an auction which is expected to be held at the beginning of January 2019. Participation in the auction is open to all interested companies.

The design of the auction is intended to promote the efficient allocation of frequencies for the introduction of 5G onto the market and at the same time to promote competition and technological innovation. Consumers should be able to continue to benefit from high-quality and innovative mobile radio products. The new frequencies will be allocated until the end of 2028, giving the mobile operators the necessary long-term planning security.

The tender documents can be downloaded from this site.

The deadline for submission of candidature documents has been specified as 05.10.2018.

Tender documents

Answers to questions concerning the procedure

The list of questions received by 27 July 2018 and the corresponding answers is published in anonymous form in the attached file.

Last modification 13.09.2018

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