National Frequency Allocation Plan

The National Frequency Assignment Plan (NFAP) serves as a mandatory basis for the organisational units of the federal administration which are responsible for frequency allocation, enabling them to fulfil their tasks in relation to frequency allocation. Frequency allocation in the NFAP includes the allocation of the frequency spectrum to the different radio service categories in accordance with the Radio Regulations (CC0.784.403.1) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The NFAP is based on the ITU Radio Regulations and on the relevant CEPT publications and generally follows their prescriptions. It consists of the actual Plan (radio services classified according to frequency ranges) and the appendices with rules for the use of the corresponding frequency range.As the most important instrument for the planning of the radio frequency resource, it requires the approval of the Federal Council (Telecommunications Act, Art. 25, para. 2).

The plan gives an overview of national utilisation of the frequency spectrum and differentiates between civil (CIV), military (MIL) and joint CIV/MIL bands, as well as between primary and secondary allocations.Planned future allocations are noted, as far as possible.Specific frequency allocations to different categories of users are entered directly in the Plan or as a reference to the appendices.Individual frequency allocations to individual frequency users are not listed. The technical interface requirements necessary for the use of the corresponding frequency ranges are referenced.In this way, a transparent and concise overview of the technical and operational requirements of frequency utilisation in Switzerland, according to the fundamental concepts of the EU's RE Directive, is provided for interested parties.

Instructions and tips on how to use the NFAP and RIRs can be found online on the Readme - Info page.

The NFAP (as a pdf document) contains the following sections:

  • Principles of spectrum management
  • Frequency allocation table (with explanations)
  • Annexes and Appendices
    • - UWB and wideband
    • - SRD frequency listList of harmonised frequency ranges
    • - List of interface regulations
    • - Abbreviations
    • - Relevant CEPT ERC/ECC Decisions and Recommendations
    • - Relevant RR and EU footnotes

Swiss National Frequency Allocation Plan 2024

Graphical overview of allocations (Frequency Allocations) in the NFAP (pdf)

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