TV5 Monde, the international French-language channel

TV5 Monde is the first international French-language television channel and was launched in 1984. It brings together French, Canadian, Belgian and Swiss public television channels. It is broadcast and received 24 hours a day by more than 350 million households in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

TV5 Monde's mission is to serve as a showcase for the entire French-speaking world. It promotes cultural diversity, encourages programme exchanges between French-speaking countries and the international export of French-language programmes, is a forum for cooperation between partner broadcasters, ensures that their programmes are reflected, and encourages the expression of French-language audiovisual and film creativity. It also provides a French-language analysis of world news.

Importance for Switzerland

TV5 MONDE provides Switzerland with an opportunity to make the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's (SRG/SSR) French-language programmes known worldwide, in line with what is being promoted by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF).

The digital platform TV5MONDEPlus, created in 2020, facilitates access to services showcasing the diversity of the French-speaking world and offers free, personalised, and pay-per-view options for viewing a large selection of programmes (films, series, documentaries) in streaming and in French, with subtitles in five languages.

OFCOM's role

Alongside the SRG/SSR, OFCOM is responsible for Switzerland’s contacts with the other partner states. It takes part in strategic discussions on the main directions of TV5 Monde and, together with the SRG/SSR, represents Switzerland at the annual meeting of senior officials.

Further information

Charter of TV5 (PDF, 302 kB, 26.10.2021)Text of the TV5 Charter as approved by the Federal Council and entering into force only after signature by the last partner State. This document is available in French only and in pdf format.

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