TV5 Monde, the international French-language channel

TV5 Monde was the first international French-language television channel which was  launched in 1984. It brings together the public television services of France, Canada, Quebec, Belgium and Switzerland. It is broadcast and received 24 hours a day by more than 260 million households in more than 200 countries and territories throughout the world. It enables expatriates to find repeat broadcasts from their countries, such as TV news broadcasts.  Switzerland will hold the Presidency of TV5 Monde for the years 2016-2017. 

OFCOM and TV5 Monde

The ministers responsible for TV5 Monde in France, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Canada, Quebec and Switzerland meet in principle every two years in order to discuss the general policy of the channel which they manage jointly and pose questions relating to the budget of TV5 in particular.

These ministerial Conferences are prepared by meetings of senior civil servants. OFCOM represents Switzerland at such meetings and at the ministerial Conferences when a Federal Councillor is unable to attend. In particular, it ensures that the multilateral character of TV5 is respected. A representative of the SRG SSR, the Swiss public television service, generally accompanies OFCOM to important meetings. The SRG SSR is in fact on the Board of TV5 Monde, as well as being directly associated with the channel’s programming as a provider of broadcasts along with the four other partners. With the Confederation, the SRG SSR also makes a financial contribution to the channel.

Activities and structure of TV5 Monde

Born of an efficient partnership between five governments of countries sharing the same language, TV5 Monde has become a unique international shop-window for French-language television productions. The channel, supported since 2006 by a Charter, is a basic tool for multilateral cooperation in the French-speaking world and a means of expressing the wealth of its different cultures. The channel also fully reflects the spirit and the framework of the UNESCO Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions. 

The range of programmes is adapted according to geographical areas in order to take time differences and regional sensitivities into account. TV5 Monde simultaneously transmits, from Paris, eight distinct channels to French-speaking Europe (France-Belgium-Switzerland), non-French-speaking Europe, the Maghreb - Middle East, Africa, Asia, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the Pacific. The specific channel targeted at the Canadian territory is managed by TV5 - Quebec Canada, an independent structure based in Montreal.

TV5 Monde is one of the three largest television networks worldwide, along with MTV and CNN. Its audience is constantly growing, as a result in particular of the switch to digital broadcasting, which makes the channel even more accessible in remote areas, thanks to increased use of subtitling and to the fiction and newscasts produced by the partner channels, which are a major factor in its success.

Further information

TV5 Monde Charter (PDF, 101 kB, 03.01.2008)This document is available in French only and in pdf format.

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