Swiss "Plateforme Tripartite" for the WSIS

The Swiss "Plateforme Tripartite", a multistakeholder platform created for the WSIS preparation phase and headed by OFCOM also serves as a national forum for the informal exchange of information and experience on WSIS implementation and follow-up activities. It is open to all interested representatives from the administration, the business sector, civil society and the internet community at the national level and meets on an ad-hoc basis.

OFCOM established a national multi-stakeholder platform that is open to anyone interested in the WSIS process. The role of this platform is to facilitate the informal exchange of information at the national level and to discuss the Swiss positions with regard to the WSIS.

At the request of the members of the platform, OFCOM is also maintaining the structure of the platform for the period of WSIS implementation. The platform meets approximately twice a year and views and information are also exchanged electronically.

If you would like to participate in or be informed about the activities of the "Plateforme Tripartite" please contact our specialist.

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Last modification 17.05.2007

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