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This section provides information about the use of your telephone number.

Is it possible to change my current number to a more memorable one?

If you would like to voluntarily change the telephone number assigned to you, please contact your telecommunication services provider directly. They will be able to advise you on the possibilities and conditions of such a change.

Can I keep my current number if I move house?

The Swiss numbering plan 2002 has permitted geographical number portability since 2002 (e.g. Berne – Geneva). However, geographical number portability is not obligatory: each telecommunication services provider is free to choose whether they offer this service to their subscribers.
Some providers allow private and business customers keep their number when they move within the same area code, whereas others allow this throughout the whole of Switzerland. Your provider will give you all the relevant information.

How do I present my number?

In general terms, everyone is free to present their telephone number as they wish. There are no legal regulations in this respect.

The following method is recommended:

Example of presenting a number:

    International:  +41 32 765 43 21
    National:         032 765 43 21

Example for presenting service numbers:

    International:     +41 800 660 660 or +41 800 66 06 60
    National:            0800 660 660 or 0800 66 06 60

In the case of service numbers the first three digits (excluding the leading 0) must be kept together in a group.

The combined form +41 (0)32 765 43 21 which is common in Switzerland may also be used. However, it must be borne in mind that this combined form may be confusing, especially for callers from abroad, and may lead to misdialling under certain circumstances. The leading '0' must be left out when dialling from abroad.

The ''+'' symbol replaces the international prefix of a country. It need not necessarily be 00. Thus for a call from Germany 00 precedes the Swiss country code 41 (00 41), whereas for a call from the USA, 011 is used (011 41).

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