Numbering and telephony

Information on telephone numbers used in the telecommunications sector, number portability, carrier selection, directory services, laws and ordinances etc.

Number blocks and codes

Numbering plan for Swiss telephone numbers
Information on allocation and management of telephone numbers for fixed network and mobile telephone services (e.g. 031, 032, 078 or 079) and codes (e.g. 098013).
List of number ranges and codes allocated to telecommunication services providers.

Individual number (0800, 084x, 090x)

Here you will find consumer information on the individual numbers. These numbers are used to offer services in the following categories: Freephone Numbers (0800), Shared-cost Numbers (084x), Business and Marketing (0900), Games and Competitions (0901) and Adult Entertainment (0906).

Short numbers

There are two types of short numbers: those used for services based on the telephone service and those used for SMS/MMS content services offerings.

Carrier Selection Code (free choice of provider)

Use of a carrier selection code (CSC) allows subscribers to freely choose their provider for national or international calls. CSCs are composed of 5 digits and are allocated by OFCOM to telecommunication services providers.

Number portability

Regulations concerning number portability between telecommunication services providers.
Information on allocation and management of carrier selection codes (e.g. 098013) which are used as routing addresses.

Directory services

Services providing access to the complete list of subscribers to all providers of telecommunication services forming part of the universal service who have opted to appear in the public telephony service directory. Access to these services is possible in a variety of ways, in particular via the public telephony service (directory enquiries) or via other telecommunication services (data transmission, SMS/MMS, WAP, GPRS, internet, etc...).

Communication parameters

Elements enabling identification of persons, IT processes, machines, apparatus or telecommunication equipment taking part in telecommunications (e.g. ADMD names, NSAP addresses)

Telex numbering plan (F.69)

Numbering plan for the Swiss telex network.
ITU-T Recommendation F.69 describes the numbering format of a telex network.
The numbers on the Swiss telex network have a 6-digit format.

Numbering plan for data networks (X.121)

Numbering plan for public data networks.
ITU-T Recommendation X.121 describes the format of data network identification codes (DNIC). All DNICs consist of four digits. The first three digits identify a country; this is the data country code (DCC). The fourth digit enables identification of a network specific in the country.