Telephone numbers starting with 0900, 0901, 0906

Questi "numeri di servizi a valore aggiunto" permettono di pagare in modo semplice alcune prestazioni. Nella maggior parte dei casi, il loro impiego rispetta le norme in vigore. Occorre tuttavia essere prudenti nel comporre tali numeri: le tariffe fatturate sono a volte molto elevate e gli abusi non mancano.

The 3 types of 090x number:

  • 0900: Business, marketing
    Examples: Help desks, information services, ticket sales and reservations, sales of other services or products
  • 0901: Entertainment, games, responses
    Examples: Horoscopes, dating services, competitions, voting
  • 0906: Adult entertainment
    Examples: Services with erotic or pornographic content.

These numbers may only be used for this category of services.
090x numbers are also used as fax numbers.

Who offers these services?

090x numbers are allocated by OFCOM directly to any person or company that applies and wishes to provide a service via this number.

The names and addresses of number holders are published on the OFCOM website:

Providers must indicate a correspondence address in Switzerland if they are based abroad.

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Last modification 26.07.2022

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