When can I turn to ombudscom?

Any person, including any moral person, may turn to ombudscom regarding a dispute with a telecommunications service provider or added-value service provider, as long as they are the end consumer of the service.

The dispute resolution service can deal with conflicts which relate

  • to a contract between the customer and the operator or provider
  • to the consumption or use of telecommunication services.

For example, when there are problems concerning:

  • billing (including value-added services and roaming services),
  • the cancellation and/or the term of a contract, in particular on a change of operator,
  • free choice of telecommunications service provider (preselection, cold calling).
  • activation or deactivation of charged-for SMS-MMS services,
  • the quality of services
  • the warranty on equipment received on conclusion of a contract (e.g. subsidised terminals),
  • the application of the general conditions associated with a contract,
  • blocking of the connection by the operator in the event of non-payment of a disputed amount concerning value-added services

The dispute resolution service cannot

  • determine damages if there is a moral fault,
  • intervene in cases governed by public law (see "Whom can I turn to in other cases?")

Costs of dispute resolution

The dispute resolution service can fix the amount required from a consumer for handling a dispute resolution request at CHF 20.00 maximum.

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Last modification 30.10.2015

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