International activities

Globalisation has long been a reality in telecommunications and the electronic media. This is why OFCOM is pursuing major activities abroad: it is active in more than twenty international institutions or organisations and more than a hundred groups of experts.

These international bodies and working groups operate in the areas for which OFCOM is responsible – telecommunications, the audiovisual sector, frequency management, standardisation and the placing of new technologies on the market. OFCOM represents Switzerland and assumes the role of ambassador and defender of national interests. It promotes an exchange of experience with its international partners and ensures respect for the specific political and legal features of the Swiss federal system.

Several of these organisations have a global dimension and, like the ITU for example, are integrated in the UN system. Others have a European or continental vocation: this is the case of the European Union, the CEPT or the ETSI. Finally, others cover more specific activities and forms of cooperation, such as the OECD, TV5 or FRATEL. The contacts made at the multilateral level are complemented by regular bilateral consultations, notably with each of Switzerland's five neighbouring countries.

This strong international involvement is not only useful for the orientations adopted by national policy and regulations, it also promotes the search for constructive solutions, especially when negotiations take place. OFCOM also acts regularly in coordination with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and other offices or departments.