Frequency use with or without licences

The use of the frequency spectrum is regulated in order to prevent interference. The frequencies and other parameters are set out in the radio licence or approval.

OFCOM issues licences and approvals for commissioning radiocommunications equipment and networks (radiocommunications for professional use, for maritime radio, aeronautical radio and amateur radio). It represents Switzerland in major specialist organisations at national and international level. This involves negotiating reciprocal agreements with foreign administrations concerning the use of radio equipment in Switzerland and abroad. The following provides an overview of the various radio licences and approvals.

Radiocommunication licences in general

Anyone wishing to use the radiocommunications frequency spectrum must obtain a licence. Without exception, use of the frequency spectrum up to 3000 GHz requires a licence.

Radiocommunications for professional use

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Radio relay

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Wireless camera

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Maritime radiocommunication

Anyone who uses radiocommunications equipment on a seagoing vessel (pleasure craft and commercial vessels) participates in the international maritime mobile service. The operation of radiocommunications equipment on the high seas is subject to a Ship Station Licence, in accordance with the International Radio Regulations. For vessels entered in the official Swiss registers, the Ship Station Licene is issued by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM).

Satellite Links

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Emergency radio in Switzerland and use of PLB alarms.

The radio operator network of distress (radio frequency 161.300 MHz) uses the infrastructure of the radio operator network of Rega. PLB (Personal Beacon Hiring) are small portable transmitters, which can be activated in a situation of distress and send an alarm.

Free licence equipment

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Drones and model aircraft

Remote controlled aircraft information

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