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General information and news in the field of telecommunications equipment.

New rules for placing telecommunications installations on the market

Since 13 June 2016, manufacturers and distributors of telecommunications installations will have to provide more information on their products. The entry into force on this date of the new European regulations and the revision of the Telecommunications Installations Ordinance (TIO) harmonises Swiss law with the new European regulations. Thus it will no longer be possible to sell an installation in Switzerland or Europe which cannot be used there.

New rules for placing electrical apparatus on the market

Since 20 April 2016, electrical apparatus of all kinds has had to comply with requirements which are harmonised in Switzerland and Europe. With the entry into force of the new European regulations and the amendment of the Ordinance on Electromagnetic Compatibility (OEMC), the obligation on the manufacturer and whoever places apparatus on the market to provide information is extended.

Warning, interfering DECT equipment on the rise!

Interference on UMTS mobile telephone networks (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) has been increasing over recent months. Such interference is generated by DECT cordless phones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) purchased outside Europe – for example in the US, South America, Canada or Asia – or on the internet. OFCOM has not excluded the possibility of billing those responsible for importing and operating such cordless phones for the cost of identifying and rectifying the source of interference.

Beware of non-compliant mobile telephones

The number of non-compliant mobile telephones on sale in the Swiss market – especially on the internet – is increasing. This was noted by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) within the framework of performing its task of market surveillance of telecommunications equipment. In addition to the binding measures taken against market players, OFCOM also wishes to make the users and purchasers of such telephones more aware of this.

Beware of non-compliant remote controlled toys

Cars, robots, helicopters or even animals: numerous remote controlled toys are available on the Swiss market. Unfortunately, frequently their wireless remote control does not comply with the requirements. OFCOM, which is responsible for market surveillance, has taken binding measures against market players, but also wishes to make purchasers and users of such toys more aware of this.

The European Union's R&TTE Directive

The European Union has now issued a new directive on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity (the R&TTE Directive).

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