Numbering and telephony

Information on telephone numbers used in the telecommunications sector, number portability, carrier selection, migration of the areas code 01 to 044, directory services, laws and decrees etc.

The universal service for telecommunications

The purpose of the universal service is to guarantee that a basic telecommunications services offer is made available to all sections of the population and in all the regions of the country. These services must be affordable, reliable and of a certain quality. The universal service includes telephony, telefax, data transmission, broadband internet connections, access to the emergency services, public payphones and the provision of special services for the disabled.

Telecommunication services providers (TSP)

- List of existing TSP
- Registration as TSP
- Licences for TSP

Network access

- The concept of network access
- Law and jurisprudence
- Form for access applications
- Access agreements
- Technology working group


The goal of Swiss telecommunications regulation is to ensure that the population and economy are provided with diverse, inexpensive, high-quality and competitive telecommunications services. To this end, the legislation grants telecommunications service providers (TSP) rights in relation to the State or to other providers, though it also imposes obligations on TSPs.


- 5G
- High-speed broadband
- Broadband
- Narrowband
- Local networks

Practical info

- 0900, 0901, 0906 - Numbers that cost more
- Roaming: the cost of using mobile phones in foreign networks
- SMSs and MMSs that cost more


- The directory enquiry services
- Added-value service numbers 0900, 0901, 0906
- Telephone number
- Voice over IP
- Universal service
- Telecommunication
- Optical fibres and Fiber to the home

Facts and figures

- Studies
- Statistical observatory

Broadband atlas

The broadband atlas shows the broadband network coverage situation in Switzerland. The maps provide information on both fixed network connections and the availability of mobile communication networks.