Digital Switzerland

Digitalisation increasingly defines our lives today. For a country such as Switzerland, which lacks natural resources, it is important to make the best use of the opportunities for society and the economy which arise from digital change, for the benefit of all.

Equal Opportunity

All Swiss citizens shall have equal-opportunity, low-cost, non-discriminatory access to high-quality network infrastructure and innovative content, services and applications.

Data policy

In order to ensure that Switzerland remains an attractive data location for the economy and the population, the Federal Council intends to continue to promote free access to official datasets. At its meeting of 9 May 2018, the Federal Council specified the initial benchmarks for its data policy and put in place measures in relation to open data and data portability.


- Internet domain names
- Net neutrality
- Fight against Internet crime
- Criminal responsibility of internet service providers
- Voice over IP

Digital communication

- Social Media
- Spam
- Electronic signature


- Spam
- Electronic signature
- Domain names

Cancellation of the Swiss Internet Governance Forum

Important information: Due to the current situation regarding the corona virus, the Swiss IGF can unfortunately not take place on March 18 in Bern. At the moment we are considering whether this year’s edition will be postponed or has to be cancelled completely. We will of course keep you informed.