Organisation chart

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- Federal Communications Commission (ComCom)
- The Federal Media Commission (FMC)

Strategy and charter

OFCOM's strategy is based on its vision, which specifies the general orientation of its actions, and its mission, which derives from the basic mandate which the Federal Council entrusts to OFCOM. As for the charter, this documents the values that OFCOM's colleagues apply in their everyday work.


OFCOM publishes vacant positions and apprenticeships on the Federal Government's online jobs pages hosted by the Federal Office of Personnel (FOPER). OFCOM is a family-friendly employer and offers employees flexible work times, teleworking and job sharing: the quality label "Family and Profession" confirmed OFCOM as a best practice organisation in this regard.

Legal framework

- International Law
- Business of the Federal Council
- Federal constitution
- Dossier du Conseil fédéral
- Consultations
- Lois fédérales
- Federal laws
- Parliament
- Ordinances
- Practical implementation

Specialist staff
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