Award of mobile telephony frequencies

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has successfully awarded new mobile radio frequencies. All three current operators, Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom, could acquire a wide range of new frequencies in an auction.

Electromagnetic fields

The effects of electromagnetic waves on peolple and the environment are of a completely different nature.


OFCOM is your point of contact in the case of technical interference to radio traffic or to reception of radio or television programmes using an aerial. If you receive programmes by cable, please contact your cable provider.

Location of radio transmitters

In order to ensure that Switzerland is provided with broadcast services (radio and television programmes) and telecommunications services (mobile communications), radio transmitters must be operated. The transmitter sites are shown on an overview map.

National Frequency Allocation Plan

The allocation of frequencies to different radio services is laid down in the national frequency allocation plan.
This consists of the actual plan (radio services classified according to frequency ranges) and the annexes with rules for utilisation of the corresponding frequency range.


What kind of broadcasts can I actually receive at home and on which frequencies can I find the programmes I am looking for? All these questions can be answered by our overview of transmitter locations in Switzerland.

Maritime radiocommunication examinations

You will find below information about beacons in the maritime service.

Surveillance and Checks

OFCOM exercises surveillance over the frequency spectrum and radiocommunications licences. It conducts spot checks every year as part of this process, including compliance checks on the radio equipment being operated

Frequency use with or without licences

OFCOM is your interlocutor if you intend to use the frequency spectrum with an installation of radiocommunication.


- Location of radio transmitters
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Facts and figures

The following links give an overview of the latest developments in radio technology together with descriptions of various radio systems.