Digital transmission

Digitisation of the radio and television transmission networks in Switzerland proceeds apace. With television, digital migration is complete. With radio, digital usage continues to grow and in spring 2016 was higher than FM reception for the first time.


VHF continues to be the most important transmission medium for radio programme services. Detailed information on the individual coverage areas, frequencies, technical specifications and the future VHF strategy can be found here.

Broadcasting by Wire

Anyone who provides radio and television programme services via cable in Switzerland is obliged to broadcast certain programme services. These so-called must-carry provisions apply primarily to digital broadcasting and to a limited extent to analogue broadcasting.

Further information


If you receive radio and TV broadcasts with your own aerial, then OFCOM will be pleased to help you in the event of any interference to reception.

Radio and TV transmitters

Overwiew map with the locations of the broadcasting stations, channels and corresponding frequencies (FM, AM, DAB, DVB-T and DVB-H).

Coverage areas