Radio relay

Radio relay is a way of transmitting information from one location to another. With radio relay antennas, radio waves are bundled together with a carrier frequency and transmitted to the receiver in the microwave range (mainly between 1 and 40 GHz). Highly directional antennas are used, mounted at suitable locations so that they are able to cover large distances (quasi-optical line-of-sight connection). A typical antenna is the parabolic reflector. Highly directional antennas permit economic use of the available frequency spectrum despite large bandwidths.

Application for a licence for radio relay equipment

The licence application can also be completed online:

Documents for radio relay equipment

Wind park - projects, information required for a technical assessment

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Transmission of the documents

In the case that you would prefer to fill out the form on paper, you can send the document to the following address: 

Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)
Zukunftstrasse 44
P.O. Box 252
2501 Biel

or by electronic way by one of the channels mentioned on the page:

Provision of telecommunications services

In the case that you would use the frequency spectrum for the provision of telecommunications services you must announce it to OFCOM. Consult the following link to inform you and to announce:

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