Economics and Statistics (EST)

The Economics and Statistics Section:

  • is responsible for the division’s economic affairs;
  • performs systematic monitoring and analysis of the Swiss telecommunications market;
  • checks fulfilment of the economic objectives laid down by the legislature regarding the telecommunications market and the information society;
  • handles cost allocation during regulatory procedures such as interconnection;
  • deals with questions concerning market structure and dominant market position in the telecommunications sector;
  • provides expertise regarding the economic effects of measures and regulatory instruments in the telecommunications sector;
  • draws up studies of the Swiss telecommunications market for international reference;
  • draws up economic reports on fundamental questions of principle;
  • collects and publishes the official telecommunications statistic;
  • regularly publishes diverse data on the telecommunications market and the information society.


Specialist staff
Last modification 01.01.2021

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Christine Rohn

Christine Rohn

Head of Economics and Statistics