Transmission and broadband internet services on mobile connections

This section describes the consumption of services on mobile networks which are not covered by the universal service, such as SMS (Short Message System), MMS (Multimedia Message Service) or broadband internet access.

SMS and MMS (Table SM4A)
Year Number of SMS and MMS (in millions of units, for the period from 01.01 to 31.12)
"Peer to peer" SMS sent a "Peer to peer" MMS sent a Value-added SMS and MMS billed Total
2018 1'662 48.5 76.2
2019 1'346 55.9 58.4
2020 1'135 44.4 37.3
2021 889 27.5 146.6
2022 917 26.2 130.6
var. 21-22 3.1% -4.7% -10.9%
a) By your customers on your own network and by your customers on a rival network.

SMS is a service specific to 2nd generation mobile telephony (GSM). It must also be pointed that table SM4A collects only the SMS and MMS sent by customers of service providers offering mobile phone subscriptions. Other companies offer "Premium service" SMS which are SMS information messages in specialised areas (e.g.: traffic information, sports, weather).

Broadband internet access on mobile networks (Table SM4B)
  2019 2020 2021 2022 var. 21-22
Number of contracts allowing broadband internet access 8'628'248 8'771'526 8'783'431 9'145'495 4.1%
via GPRS technology only a 10 11'304 0 0 -
via EDGE, UMTS, HSPA or LTE technology 8'628'248 8'760'222 8'783'431 9'145'495 4.1%
Total volume of data transferred (in Gbytes) 946'244'261 1'257'812'468 1'572'338'526 1'867'496'862 18.8%
a) Contracts or pre-paid cards; actual internet access for the period from 01.10. to 31.12.

Facts and figures

In the following Excel file, you will find detailed information, figures and graphs.

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