4. Do all new enquiry numbers provide the same service? / What exactly do the different 18xy enquiry numbers offer?

No. They must all provide the same basic services, i.e. information on customer entries for all operators providing services which form part of the universal service in Switzerland (national directories). This information includes, as a minimum, the surname and forename or company name of the customer, their full address, the section under which they have decided to appear, their telephone number and, where applicable, the * symbol (indicating that they do not wish to receive advertising). However, an enquiry service offering for international directories is optional.

They may also offer additional services:

  • establishing a connection which enables the customer to be connected directly with the person they want, e.g. by pressing a key on the telephone or saying a keyword.
  • offline transmission of directory information, e.g. by SMS or MMS.

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Last modification 07.11.2006

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