Charges, billing and regulations

The amount that will be billed to you for a call to an 090x number includes both the fee for the actual connection (the call) and the service used. These components are not shown separately.

Calls to an 090x number may be calculated as follows:

  • a basic charge
    Example: CHF 10.00 per call or fax
  • a per-minute charge
    Example: CHF 5.00 per minute
  • a combination of a basic charge, imposed as soon as the call is connected, and a charge for each subsequent minute
    Example: a five-minute call to a number with a CHF 10.00 basic charge and a per-minute charge of CHF 5.00 will cost CHF 35.00 (10.00 + (5.00 x 5 minutes) = 35.00)

Fixed charges may also apply during the call. The per-minute charge can also change. Examples:

  • Per-minute charge changes (the first 5 minutes may be cheaper than subsequent minutes)
  • Fixed charges, charged every 10 minutes

The following maximum charges are valid:

  • CHF 100.00 for basic charges
  • CHF 10.00 per minute
  • Maximum CHF 400.00 per call


Added-value services must be shown separately on the telephone bill. In the case of pre-paid connections it is possible to request your provider to provide the relevant data for the billing of an added-value service.

Regulations for 090x numbers:

  • Whenever a number is indicated verbally or in writing, the code (the first 4 digits) must be grouped together and clearly separated from the other numbers. Examples:
    0900 275 511 = correct,
    09 00275 511 or 0900275511 = incorrect
  • Whenever an 090x number is communicated verbally, e.g. on the radio or on TV, the charge must be clearly communicated.
  • Whenever an 090x number is communicated in writing, e.g. in an advertisement or classified ad, the charge information must be clearly indicated in a font as large as that used for the telephone number; it must be clearly visible, legible and in the immediate proximity of the number.
  • When the per-minute charge or the basic charge exceeds CHF 2.00, the prices must be announced clearly, free of charge and at least in the language that the service is provided in as soon as the connection is established.
  • When the per-minute charge exceeds CHF 5.00, or the basic charge exceeds CHF 10.00, the customer must confirm his/her acceptance of the service by a special signal.
  • If the per-minute charge changes during the call or if fixed charges are incurred, the change or charge must be announced immediately before it takes effect, regardless of the amount. Furthermore, explicit confirmation of the service is necessary if the maximum amount set is exceeded.
  • Charges may not exceed the limits fixed by the Federal Council
  • Holders of 0906 numbers must ensure that persons under 16 are denied access to pornographic content. Providers must block access to subscribers (primary users of the connection) under 16 years from the outset.
  • All services offered via 090x numbers must comply with Swiss legal system standards, e.g. unfair competition, contract law and criminal law. Factual assessment must be carried out by the appropriate authorities and courts, not by OFCOM.

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