Artificial intelligence

The development and application of artificial intelligence has continued to move ahead in recent years. As a basic technology, artificial intelligence and the associated use of data are a key component of the ongoing digitalisation process. Offering considerable potential for innovation and growth, artificial intelligence is already being successfully applied in many different areas. At the same time, it is important to address the risks associated with the technology and to take measures at the appropriate time.

Current developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenges associated with them are mostly global in scope. AI has therefore become a key issue on the international agenda. The need for international cooperation is based both on the necessity of pooling resources for research and development and of securing access to big data. However, there are growing calls for ethical principles, common international standards and guidelines as well as a binding legal framework where appropriate in order to make the best possible use of AI’s potential while addressing the challenges and minimising the risks for society and the economy.

Importance for Switzerland

Switzerland considers it important to exploit the potential offered by AI while ensuring that fundamental rights are safeguarded when using it. To this end, it seeks to establish itself as one of the world’s most innovative places for progressive and responsible AI research, development and application by creating the best possible conditions.  

As a small but highly developed and interconnected country, Switzerland seeks to actively shape the debate on the global governance of AI. It is therefore involved in the relevant bodies and processes, contributing to the debate with its liberal, constitutional and democratic values as well as expertise. It is also particularly committed to ensuring that the use of AI respects fundamental and established values and norms, such as human rights, and that all relevant stakeholders are included in the dialogue. At the same time, Switzerland advocates a balanced regulatory approach that enables innovation.

OFCOM represents Switzerland in the relevant international processes on AI, for example within the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the OECD and the International Telecommunication Union. It also follows AI developments across the EU.

In addition, OFCOM is tasked with monitoring the implementation of the Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence for the Confederation, which were adopted by the Federal Council in November 2020.


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