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Stories from the Internet: Avoiding pitfalls on the internet with the help of a comic strip

How can you avoid mishaps on the net? A comic strip published by the Federal Office of Communications illustrates the elementary precautions to be taken in the virtual world. "Stories from the Internet" are available on paper, in PDF format or online. They have been a great success, in particular as teaching material used in schools, in Switzerland naturally, but also in Belgium, Canada, Germany and Bosnia, where the comic strip has been translated into the three national languages of this country.

Social Media

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs present legislation with new challenges. However, these cannot be overcome by a separate special law. This is the conclusion reached by a Federal Council report in response to the Amherd postulate referred by the National Council in relation to the legal situation relating to social media.


The sending of mass of advertising is prohibited in Switzerland in many cases. When is it authorized or prohibited? What can you do to combat spam? Here you will find the answers to these and other questions.

Electronic signature

The electronic signature is a technical procedure which makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity of a document, a message or other electronic data and to ensure the identity of the signatory. It is based on a certification infrastructure managed by third party providers - certification services providers. Their infrastructure also makes it possible to provide solutions for identifying oneself to online services and to secure data which is to be transmitted. In order to encourage the development of e-Commerce, the legislator allows certification service providers to be recognized on a voluntary basis. In this way they are able to demonstrate that the quality, reliability and security of the services provided comply with the applicable standards. Under certain conditions, the Act assigns equal status to the electronic signature as a handwritten signature.

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