The basic principles for the implementation of the strategy include equal opportunity, which stipulates that all the inhabitants of Switzerland must have easy access to ICT, fairly and without discrimination. OFCOM is active in several areas in relation to digital integration:

Partial revision of the Radio and Television Act (RTA)

This will include a standard requiring regional television stations to provide subtitles in their newscasts and main information broadcasts. Parliament gave its approval in June 2014 to all OFCOM's proposals on the partial revision of the RTA, including the above-mentioned standard.

Accessibility of the Confederation's website

The OFCOM is part of the Department of Home Affairs working group on the accessibility of the Confederation's websites.


In order to fulfil the principle of equal opportunities for people with disabilities, OFCOM's engineers are active in the field of standardization at the national and international level (see list). The new standards relate to various modes of communication, ranging from mobile telephony to television.