Implementation of the procedure for auctioning blocks of mobile telephony frequencies

In the autumn of 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) had instructed the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) to prepare the allocation of mobile telephony frequencies which were free or which will soon become free. After the invitation to tender, the subsequent procedure was implemented within the framework of an auction at the beginning of 2012.

Reviews of the candidature dossiers

At the end of 2011, OFCOM examined the candidature dossiers submitted under the procedure for auctioning the blocks of mobile telephony frequencies. ComCom had instructed it to verify that the candidates satisfied the legal requirements and the specific obligations of the auction and that they could therefore be authorised to participate in the procedure. It was also charged with verifying if the number of candidates was sufficient to allow allocation of the frequencies in an auction held during the first quarter of 2012. To prevent any collusion or agreement between the candidates, their identities and the names of the winners, as well as the allocation of frequencies and the adjudication price, were not made public until the auction had ended. 

Switzerland is one of the first countries in Europe to auction the frequencies which have become available as a result of the digital dividend in the 800 MHz band. The homogeneous process chosen for allocation of the frequencies guarantees utilisation until the end of 2028.

New deadline for submission of candidature dossiers

The new deadline for the submission of candidature dossiers has been set as
30 September 2011. The new deadlines for the auction procedure are published in the main invitation to tender document.

Briefing session of the 8 December 2010

To explain the type and form of the auction procedure, and to answer any questions concerning how it is to be held, OFCOM has organised a briefing session in its offices for interested partie the 8 December 2010.

Tender documents

Additional information documents

Answers to questions concerning the procedure

The first list of questions received by 7 January 2011 and the corresponding answers is published in anonymous form in the attached file.

The second list of questions received by 10 August 2011 and the corresponding answers is published in anonymous form in the attached file.

Both documents contain answers in English and German, i.e. in the languages in which the questions were posed.

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