Explanations on the working groups

OFCOM has set up technical working groups that focus on problems related to the interconnexion.

OFCOM has created technical working groups which deal with problematic topics related to interconnection. The groups are open to telecommunication services providers (TSPs) registered with OFCOM, as well as to equipment suppliers. Participation in any of the groups is free. The results produced by these groups in the form of reports or documents are used in some cases to draw up technical and administrative regulations or OFCOM recommendations and in other cases they form the basis of agreements between telecommunication services providers.

All these working groups have a “convenor” whose function is to organise meetings, prepare the work and act as a link between the different participants in the groups. When asked, the convenor may also be invited to make presentations on work in progress and on the results achieved by the working group.

Working groups may or may not be active. If a group is not active, however, it is still possible to reactivate it if the need is felt. For example, it may be that over time certain technical regulations are no longer up-to-date or need to be complemented following developments in technology, changes in the legal basis or developments in the practices employed by telecommunication services providers.

The Q.2 group (interconnection recommendations for services other than those in the basic offering) has never been activated as the telecommunication services providers felt that there was no real need in this area.

Michel Donzé of the TP/ND section is at your disposal for more detailed information.

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