Free choice of carrier (call-by-call)

If you do not want all your calls to go via the same carrier, you have the possibility, before each call, of manually selecting which  company will carry your call and bill you for the price of the call. You will therefore be using the so-called "call-by-call" method.


Before using the call-by-call method, you must be registered with the provider of your choice. The carrier you have selected to route your call will then be able to identify you when you use its services.  Registration is generally free of charge and it is possible to register with several carriers at the same time. You can register by telephone; your signature is not required.

Note that some providers do not offer access to your services by the "call-by-call method".

Making a call

To make a call, you simply dial the five-digit access code of the chosen provider before you dial the telephone number

Example: to call OFCOM via a specific operator, you have to dial

  • 107XX 058 460 55 11
  • 108XX 058 460 55 11 

A full list of access codes is available on the internet.

If no code is dialled, the call will be routed by the operator providing the access line.


All calls made with the same access code will be billed together to you by the carrier who has routed them. If you use several codes, you will therefore receive several bills. Moreover, you will continue to receive a monthly bill for your line connection from your operator.

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Last modification 27.01.2021

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