Added-value SMS and MMS services

Added-value services by SMS or MMS

In addition to standard SMS and MMS you send to friends and acquaintances, SMSs/MMSs can also be used for the provision of added-value services. Such services are offered using short numbers with 3 to 5 digits. To take part in a competition, chat or survey, or to subscribe to a service, you are often invited to send an SMS or MMS message to one of these short numbers.

On-demand service (pull type)

The subscriber sends an SMS/MMS message to ask for a unit of information, which is then sent to him/her via SMS (or MMS). For example, weather and snow reports can be requested using such services.

Subscription service (push type)

To subscribe to a push service, the subscriber sends a code to a certain short number (e.g. " START INFO" to 123). In contrast to pull services, several units of information will be sent to the subscriber after registration.

To stop receiving these types of SMSs or MMSs, the subscriber must cancel the service using a deactivation code (e.g. "STOP INFO" to 123).

You should also be aware of the following: Before activating a push service, consumers must be informed clearly, immediately and free of charge of the following, not only at the point at which they receive the offer of the service (e.g. on the internet), but also on the mobile device on which they receive the push service and which is used for billing:

  • any basic charge
  • the price per unit of information
  • the procedure for deactivating the service
  • the maximum number of units of information per minute.

You must explicitly confirm acceptance of the offer on the mobile device. Customers must also be informed of the deactivation process free of charge every time a unit of information is sent.

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