Charges, billing and other regulations

Maximum charges

The following maximum charges are valid:

  • CHF 100.00 per unit of information (pull service)
  • CHF 5.00 per unit of information (pull service)
  • A total charge of CHF 400.00 per registration

Indication of prices

The following must be indicated when advertising a short number for an SMS or MMS service:

  • Basic charge
  • Charge per SMS or MMS
  • Any other pricing methods (e.g. CHF 4.90 per week)

The charge information must be clearly indicated in a font the same size as that used to display the telephone number; it must be clearly visible, legible and in the immediate proximity of the number.

Billing of services

Depending on the services offered, either messages sent or messages received (or a combination of the two) may be billed.

Customers are directly charged for services by their mobile telephony operator on their monthly bill. These services must be shown separately from other calls.

In the case of pre-paid packages, the amount is deducted directly from the balance. It is possible to request your mobile telephony operator to provide the relevant data for the billing of an added-value service.

When the price per unit of information exceeds CHF 10.00, the pull service may only bill the consumer with his/her express consent.

Call barring

Mobile telephony operators must supply their customers, free of charge, with barring sets for short numbers for SMS or MMS messages. This bar may extend to all short numbers or only to those that begin with the number 6 and are therefore reserved for adult entertainment services. They must also remind all their subscribers of these sets at least once a year.

Youth protection

Holders of short numbers must ensure that persons under 16 years of age are prevented from accessing pornographic content. Mobile telephony operators must block access to subscribers (primary users of the connection) under 16 years from the outset.

Legality of content

All services offered via short numbers must comply with Swiss legal system standards, e.g. unfair competition, contract law and criminal law. Factual assessment must be carried out by the appropriate authorities and courts, not by OFCOM.

Further information

Content provider

Anyone offering a value-added service (information, subscription, screensavers, ring tones).

Mobile operator

Anyone who transmits SMS or MMS messages and is responsible for billing.

Specialist staff
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