Equipments of reception / types of reception

At home I listen to the radio only via the internet; do I have to pay fees?

Yes. If a private individual or a company has a computer with an ISDN connection or a broadband connection (ADSL; cable network) and has installed special software which enables reception (Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.).

At home I receive TV programmes exclusively via the internet. Do I have to pay reception fees?

Yes. If there is a broadband connection (ADSL, cable, etc.), corresponding software is installed (Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.) and a charged-for subscription (e.g. with Netstream or another internet provider which simultaneously offers television programme services, e.g. Sunrise with desktop TV), or a registration for the purpose of reception of television programme services (e.g. with Zattoo).

I use a computer with an ADSL internet connection. Do I have to pay fees for television reception if I don’t watch television via the internet?

There is an obligation to pay fees only if one has a broadband connection (e.g. ADSL, cable network) and corresponding player software (e.g. Media Player, RealPlayer) and if one has concluded a charged-for subscription or registered free of charge with a provider who provides access to television programme services.

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Last modification 18.10.2011

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