Unlicensed viewers and listeners

1. What happens if I forget to register? Do I have to pay a fine? 

Billag AG is obliged to report to OFCOM those persons who are preparing to operate or are operating equipment suitable for receiving radio or television programmes without registering beforehand (unlicensed viewers and listeners). 

In such cases, OFCOM has to carry out an official investigation and generally also instigate an administrative penalty procedure.

Anyone who prepares for operation or operates equipment which is suitable for receiving radio or television programmes without first registering with Billag AG will be punished by a fine of up to CHF 5'000.--.

2. I gave away my television set a year ago and informed Billag AG. I have had a TV set again for 6 months. Am I risking a fine for unlicensed viewing?

You should have notified Billag AG six months ago. In such cases, a fine of up to CHF 5'000.-- can be expected.

Specialist staff
Last modification 27.11.2005

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