Radio controlled equipment for animal holders

Some animal care and animal control equipment is available on the market for applications such as:

  • Reading devices for implants for the electronic identification of animals
  • Radio location transmitters for the observation and surveillance of pets and wild animals
  • Equipment for the video surveillance of animals
  • Equipment for the surveillance and the observation of behaviour change of animals
  • Equipment for the training of dogs by means of stimulation

The use of such equipment has to be in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance on animal protection (TSchV) and the Ordinance on telecommunications equipment (FAV).

An authorisation from the cantonal veterinary surgeon authority is requested for the use of dog training devices by means of electrical, acoustical and chemical stimulation, according to art. 34, para. 3 and 4 of the TSchV.

All radio equipment (radio transmitters and receivers) have to fulfil the requirements of the Ordinance on telecommunications equipment (FAV) in order to avoid interference to other spectrum users. A telecommunications equipment may be offered for sale and placed on the Swiss market under the following conditions:

  • the equipment has passed successfully a conformity assessment procedure (assessment of the essential requirements);
  • all further conditions for the placing of the equipment on the Swiss market are fulfilled (declaration of conformity, equipment marking and user information).

The above listed conditions have to be fulfilled by the equipment manufacturer and the Swiss distributor. These conditions have also to be fulfilled by individuals who import telecommunications equipment directly.

A licence may be needed for the operation of some telecommunications equipment. Please contact OFCOM for further information.

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Last modification 04.10.2018

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