Legal and Surveillance Affairs (AR)

The Legal and Surveillance Affairs Section: 

  • monitors and develops the legal framework (acts and ordinances) for telecommunications systems, electromagnetic compatibility and radiocommunication licences;
  • provides information services for importers, suppliers, resellers and users of telecommunications systems;
  • participates in the market surveillance in the field of telecommunications installations and electromagnetic compatibility of electrical appliances and installations;
  • monitors the operation (radio licences) of telecommunications systems;
  • imposes the sanctions provided by law (conformity compliance, sales bans, recalls, penalties, withdrawal of equipment and unlawful gains);
  • co-operates with customs and police authorities in relation to telecommunications systems, electromagnetic compatibility and radiocommunications licences;
  • develops expert legal opinions and handles the legal aspects of administrative procedures and criminal proceedings administration;
  • legal support for the entire monitoring activity of the Radio Monitoring and Equipment Division and the Radio Licences Section of the Licences and Frequency Management Division.

Specialist staff
Last modification 01.12.2021

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