Managerial Staff

The managerial staff is responsible for dealing efficiently with tasks assigned to OFCOM, for planning and defining priorities and for elaborating reference documents used in the decision-making process.

The managerial staff coordinates the work of OFCOM with Parliament and the Federal Council (government), the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), the Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) and with other bureaus of the federal administration and the Office's partners in telecommunications, the electronic media and the post.

It organises and manages the Director’s agenda and provides support in the management of OFCOM. In special cases, the staff oversees the preliminary work ultimately submitted to the Director for a final decision. 

The Information Society Business Office (ISBO) is the management unit of the Interdepartmental Digital Switzerland Coordination Group (Digital Switzerland ICG), which is responsible for coordination of the work on implementation of the "Digital Switzerland" strategy.

The language service is responsible for supplying accurate translations of various documents into French, German, Italian and English

Specialist staff
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Michael Stämpfli

Michael Stämpfli

Head of Managerial Staff