Radio and Television Reception Fees

The Radio and Television Reception Fees Section (RF):

  • is the appeal authority for all complaints against decisions of the collection agency (SERAFE AG) in relation to the radio and television fee. The complaints relate to legal questions concerning the notification obligation, bringing reception equipment into operation and taking it out of operation, exemption from the fee and prosecutions; 
  • controls and punishes violations of the provisions on the exemption of the payment of the fee (opting out); 
  • acts as a supervisory body for the collection agency in financial and legal respects; 
  • draws up comments to the Federal Administrative Court and to the Federal Court in cases of complaints concerning reception fee; 
  • produces expert juridical reports and clarifies legal questions in administrative, penal administrative and prosecution procedures; 
  • develops general provisions in the area of the fee for private households for all further stages (laws, ordinances and directives); 
  • provides information related to the obligation to pay the fee.

Specialist staff
Last modification 20.02.2020

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Daniel Büttler

Head of Radio and Television Reception Fees